M4 Brass Snap Off Connecting Screw with Sleeve


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General Description for M4 Door Handles Connecting Screws

  • Used to fasten door handles, knobs, roses and escutcheons. These screws with sleeves are used to replace existing or damaged screws that attaches two handles together.

  • How to use: Drill a hole through the door leaf, place door handle on the door to match up with the hole drilled and push the screw trough the door handle, door leaf the handle on the other side. Attach the sleeve and tighten up. Follow these instructions for all 4 holes in the door handle. The result is a handle securely fixed with screws that cannot be pulled through.

 Item Description/Technical Data for

M4 snap off screw

Both the sleeve and the screw has a pozi head.

Color:  Brass plated

Screw Overall length: 60 mm
Screw diameter: 4 mm
Sleeve overall length: 20 mm
Sleeve diameter: 5 mm

Where longer or shorter screws are required. The screw lengths can be cut to suit doors width of between 35-50 mm thicknesses. Cuts can be done at 35, 40, 45 or 50 mm.

Note:  M4 screws are not security screws and therefore are not suitable for external door handles.

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